Trusted Financial Planning Ltd

The concept behind Trusted Financial Planning Ltd is to be sturdy, strong and helpful. This is why we’ve focused on using triangles throughout the brand. It’s the strongest shape because of the angles it creates. It can be changed by adding more triangles to create other forms and it is also a directional sign, to guide you the right way. All of these create an adaptability to the brand that will keep developing and changing – like finances do.

The logo has been designed to enhance the word ‘trusted’. We wanted this to stand out, so it would grab the client’s attention first, followed by ‘financial planning ltd’. The triangle has been incorporated into the second ‘t’ to create a unique mark. We wanted to create an additional logo, using the word ‘trusted’. This could be used as a stamp alongside the logo or separately. The triangle is acting as a full stop, to show that the company can be trusted – full stop. Period.

The colours needed to be bold yet welcoming, which is why we’ve chosen a minimal colour palette that packs a punch. The colours complement each other and give the brand a contemporary feel, while keeping the look simple but effective.

We chose a font called ‘Mont’ because it is a modern and clear typeface that creates an easy read for clients, while having aspects of character to make it stand out from the standard sans serif font.

Client: Trusted Financial Planning Ltd
Services: Brand Creation // Logo Design // Stationery Design // Print Management // Website Design ...Applied