As a company that thrives on meeting the needs of young people and adults, through education, development and support. We wanted to design a concept that can portray this clearly throughout the branding, while remaining friendly and bold. This is shown by making all aspects adaptable – like many individuals adapt to different circumstances daily, giving the brand a comforting approach everyone can relate to.

We wanted to make the branding bright and confident, yet keeping an approachable feel throughout the company. We have done this by using block colours, simple icons and friendly photography.

Firstly, our focus was to create an individual look for each division. We did this by using the prime colours from the current logo as guidelines and designing unique icons. Giving each section its own identity, plus adding a little character. To make the icons unique to ‘Pivot’, we have used the ‘O’ as a foundation to create a bespoke look for each icon, which ties in perfectly with the original logo and strapline – bringing the designs together.

The chosen colours are simply an enhancement from the previous branding. Providing a refreshed feel without any dramatic changes. A friendly typeface with soft edges has been chosen to compliment the overall branding.

Client: Pivot
Services: Brand Refresh // Brochure Design // Graphic Design // Digital Design // Website Design ...Applied