Outdoor Mania

As a company that thrives on pleasing people through customer support, quality products and caring for their employees, we wanted to design a concept that can portray this clearly throughout the branding, yet remaining friendly and bold. The way this is shown is through using vibrant block colours and quirky characters that create a playful aspect. These characters have minds of their own and love interacting with the customers – they are called The Maniacs!

It was important to us that we related back to the heritage of the company, and kept the character within the brand – the curly hair is thanks to Graeme. We named them The Maniacs so they became a team, a family. Like the company. You are The Maniacs within it – the employees, the customers, the suppliers… all maniacs and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

The overall look is clean and spacious with splashes of colour to compliment the white space and adds fun to the appearance. To enhance the identity further, we wanted to add a little charm by using friendly speech bubbles that were cheeky, yet useful. These can be used on internal stationery, informative signage, digital communication, packaging and so much more.

Client: Outdoor Mania
Services: Brand Creation // Logo Design // Signage Design // Website Design ...Applied