Florence & The Flower

Florence & The Flower is a new floristry that offers traditional and modern arrangements. We wanted to create a concept that represented a sense of elegance (like a flower would blossom in the sun) but while keeping the values of what Florence & The Flower has to offer.

We have designed the overall branding to look modern, compact and memorable. To create the inner symbol, we used a serif font in which we used the letter ‘F’ to create a beautiful abstract flower. We used a contemporary font and a circle to encase the different elements. Creating a balanced logo that can be adapted to lots of different media.

The colour palette has been picked to compliment the wide variety of colours that flowers can come in. Making sure the flowers are the talk of the show, yet discreetly displaying the floristry that put them together. The style of photography is detailed and comforting, providing a sense of intricacy and warmth.

Client: Florence & The Flower
Services: Brand Creation // Graphic Design // Logo Design // Print Management // Website Design ...Applied