Evergreen Heating

The concept behind Evergreen Heating is to focus on standing out from other competitors. We have designed the overall branding with fun, adaptable, bold and contemporary aspects to bring a new interesting approach to heating services.

The logo is built up of a few elements, which make the overall look current, fun, clean and unique. The typography has been placed on an angle to create a quirky and permanent feel – giving the impression of a stamp. The symbol above the name represents; ‘E’ for ‘Ever’, ‘G’ for ‘Green’, an arrow to point their customers in the right direction, an open book that represents an honest approach and a roof top with chimney to represent a safe home.

We have used a muted colour palette to move away from the obvious colour choices you’d normally find in the heating industry, again, making the brand stand out and emphasising the modern approach.

The overall look has a clean and professional feel, but with hints of quirky elements to bring the brand to life! Making the brand fun and bold.

Client: Evergreen Heating
Services: Brand Creation // Graphic Design // Logo Design ...Applied