Eclectic 17

Our concept focuses on finding your unique element. Elements within the shop that are there to impress and make Eclectic 17 stand out as a unique company. We wanted the overall look for this branding to be stylish yet energetic.

A main inspiration for our concept was copper. It can adapt to many elements of life (earth, air, fire and water) and looks bold yet delicate. Copper also has a wonderful colour change which has been brought out within the branding.

The logo has been designed to show that each letter has a unique form that holds the letters together in an intriguing way – it makes an impact. The 17 is used as a ‘copy write’ symbol to emphasise the uniqueness of Eclectic 17.

The memorable mark was created by using the end ‘C’ which beautifully surrounds the ‘17’ and also represents the 17th Century background that inspires the shops products.

We chose a photography style that packs a punch and is full of detail to get the clients attention. Copper foil has also been added to some promotional items/signage to create a look and feel that shouts excellence.

Client: Eclectic 17
Services: Brand Creation // Graphic Design // Logo Design ...Applied