British Ceramic Tile

As a company that thrives on delivering the best products, through design, innovation and current trends. It was important to us to make sure we showed this through the branding so their audience can be drawn in by who they’re and what they do.

Our concept was to design an element that could be adapted to any circumstance. Like a tile in many aspects, it adapts to the new environment. It’s important to provide a uniform look but as tiles have many different colours, shapes, textures & styles, this isn’t always the case. This is where DNA comes in! Display, Notice and Aspire. A unique system that has been created for British Ceramic Tile… this is your DNA. We wanted customers to be drawn in by the Display. Notice the quality of each product and Aspire to create their perfect room though inspiration imagery.

The design is made from one shape… a hexagon. A strong yet flexible shape that can be made into a network of hexagons or broken down into six triangles. In fact, the hexagon can be broken down into many shapes that can provide a platform for future developments. Through interlocking the stands, you can multiply your DNA as you wish – small or large scale.

Client: British Ceramic Tile