This concept for Bookmark is innovative, imaginative and has been created to inspire… supporting the Bookmark vision (to inspire children to read). We have done this by creating a fun and contemporary style to ensure the brand is eye catching for children but to also stand out against other literacy charities/programmes. The logo is clean and simple which allows it to be constructed into other things. This is demonstrated in the supporting logos and illustrations expressing the idea that at Bookmark it’s not just about the reading… it’s about how the reading can create opportunities and improve lives.

The illustrations all represent flight, moving upwards, reaching goals, having fun and freeing the imagination. Using these throughout the brand collateral would create good engagement from children due to the bright colours and relatable positive objects.

The colours chosen are modern, child friendly and distinctive compared to competitors, instantly making Bookmark an innovative and aspirational brand (attracting donors and volunteers). The overall concept has scope to develop across all media as the contemporary style created is app, web and animation friendly giving Bookmark infinite opportunity to develop as a market-leading charity.

Client: Bookmark
Services: Brand Creation // Graphic Design // Logo Design ...Applied